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Your Success is Maryland’s Success

Maryland was recently named the 6th best state to live in the nation. The state’s score in health care and opportunity was also high. Maryland is the 5th most innovative and 2nd most educated state in the United States. How can Maryland accomplish the success? Where do these incredible numbers come from?

We believe that under Governor Hogan’s bipartisan and transparent leadership, we are changing Maryland for the better. However, we could not do it without you. It’s through the contributions from you – our Marylanders – we are able to make a difference in our communities.

Communities First

The Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives (GOCI) engages Maryland communities through the governor’s seven ethnic and cultural commissions to deliver the voices of Marylanders to our office, connect us with Marylanders, and alert us about real-time needs of communities in MarylandOver 100 commissioners represent more than 40% of the total population in Maryland and have the unique ability to engage with the 18% of the total population of Maryland who are multilingual. The commissioners engage the more than 2.7 million Marylanders of diverse communities by sharing resources available across Maryland. Through the “GO SEE” Initiative (GO Serve & Educate Ethnic Communities), the commissioners share many statewide resources offered by the Hogan administration with respective community members.

Thank You, Marylanders

These are just a few examples of the commissioners and numerous Marylanders who are changing Maryland for the better. Thank you, Marylanders, for working hard to have thriving businesses which help to boost our local economy, creating nonprofit organizations which change lives, pursuing an education that will ultimately contribute to our communities, and for seeing Maryland as a great place to settle down and achieve your dream. Your success is Maryland’s success. Your story is Maryland’s story. 

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